A Study of the Galileo Eductional Network/Andrew Sibbald School Initiative to Promote Inquiry-based Learning

In the fall of 2001 the members of the Andrew Sibbald school community entered into a partnership with the Galileo Educational Network Association (GENA) to promote an inquiry-based approach to learning and teaching. It was agreed that GENA would provide expertise, support and assistance to the Andrew Sibbald School community over a three-year period in developing and implementing strategies and programs to promote the active and meaningful engagement of students in relevant and authentic learning experiences using inquiry-based learning as a model.

In February 2004 as the end of the three-year project was approaching, it was agreed that there would be merit in conducting a review of the initiative in order to determine what had been accomplished in terms of the original goals of the project as well as to identify recommendations for the future. The author entered into an agreement with GENA to undertake a study of the initiative.

Research was conducted by Dr. Garry McKinnon.

McKinnon, G. (2004). A study of the Galileo Network/Andrew Sibbald School initiative to promote inquiry-based learning.

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