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Galileo Educational Network is dedicated to improving student, teacher and leaders learning through creating and researching 21st century learning environments.

About Galileo

Galileo Educational Network is an independent, charitable organization that consists of thought-leading educators and a high profile Board of Directors. The Galileo Educational Network creates, promotes and disseminates innovative teaching and learning practices through research, professional learning and fostering external collaborations. Galileo works with students, teachers and policy makers across Canada both onsite and online.

Research: Conducting and disseminating research that informs the academic and professional local, provincial, national and international communities to assist K-12 schools to create innovative inquiry-based pedagogical, curricular and structural practices.

Professional learning: Enhancing the professional practice of educators and other professionals through the development and delivery of preservice teacher education and post degree continuous learning opportunities, for both graduate students and professional educators.

Fostering External Collaborations: Collaborating with a variety of local, provincial, national and international organizations to create, promote and disseminate innovative teaching and learning practices.

Galileo is a registered Charity under the Income Tax Act of Canada and under the Societies Act of Alberta. It is funded by a variety of academic, government, corporate and community agencies. Galileo provides onsite and online mentorship & support for school boards and school divisions under fee-for-service arrangements. Galileo works with educational organizations in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta and the USA. Contact Galileo for further information.

Galileo is about teaching for deep understanding. Galileo supports teachers to design inquiry-based projects in which students use the digital technologies of their time in creative and thoughtful ways.

Galileo is about improving student learning as measured by standardized achievement and diploma exams and in a variety of other ways. Learning for the 21st century must move students beyond acquiring information that everyone already knows. Galileo helps teachers understand how the new digital technologies are changing what we can, and should, be doing in schools.

Galileo is about collaboration. In all walks of life, people are increasingly working in effective teams to define and solve problems. Galileo creates team environments that break down the traditional isolation of the classroom and permit teachers to become better, together. Galileo helps school systems optimize the use of their own internal resources by bringing in new resources and new ways of thinking about them.

Galileo is about improved professional development. Galileo Educational Network provides staff development that:

  1. Has an explicit goal of improving student learning
  2. Is planned collaboratively with participants
  3. Occurs over a sustained period of time (years not days)
  4. Takes place generally during the school day
  5. Provides access to alternative ideas, methods and opportunities to observe these alternatives in action
  6. Involves direct mentoring of teachers in the context of their own classrooms in subject content, teaching strategies and uses of technology
  7. Supports ongoing professional conversations between teachers.

Galileo Educational Network Association (GENA) challenges educators to think and act beyond the familiar and conventional boundaries of our learning and teaching practices. GENA provides us with a sound, research-based, creative, and systematic approach to professional learning and development suited for practitioners who want to take an inquiry stance to their work. The “GENA factor” is for those who dare to critically examine – in collaboration with others in GENA’s rapidly growing community of reflective educators and their students – our current ways of thinking and doing, and to dramatically enhance, indeed, perhaps even to transform, our practice for the benefit of our students, ourselves, and the society that we serve.

Galileo Educational Network is Onsite (providing in-person staff development), Online (providing online coaching and mentorship through io and providing examples of academically robust student learning on www.galileo.org) and Ontarget (both based on current research and contributing to research with an international publication and presentation program).

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