Lesson Study: Exemplars


Math and science teachers from Grades 4 – 9 at Calgary Science School meet regularly to design lessons for study.
Current studies under design are:

  • fractions
  • estimation
  • proportion

Previous Years

  • Karen Fischer designed a number of study lessons under the topic of number. She and her Grade 4 students explored the adventurous world of numbers with Robert, the main character in Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s bookThe Number Devil. Together they created a website, The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure.

Megan Liddel and Lisa designed a number of study lessons under the topic of number. What happens when a city that was designed for 250,000 people has to support a population explosion? How are lives affected when Calgary reaches and passes 1,000,000 people? Traffic jams, emergency wait-times, sewer and water concerns, recreation facility usage and a shortage of service employees all change the quality of our lives. What about those who have always found it difficult to find support in our city? How has the increase in population changed their lives? What can we do about it? Lisa and Megan together with their Grade 5 students explored a million.

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Meaningful Work

Thank you for a great day [in our school]. It was wonderful to be focused on meaningful work that we can utilize immediately in our classrooms.

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