Lord of the Flies

English/Drama integrated study from Highwood High


Known to every English-speaking student of the last 50 years and universally acknowledged as one of the finest novels of the last century, Lord of the Flies is given a stunning stage adaptation by Nigel Williams. Now this adaptation is being brought to the stage in an energetic dramatic interpretation of this timely classic by Sage Theatre Productions. Sage Theatre seeks to link their work on stage to other forms of expression in order to foster and provoke thoughtful dialogue with artists and audiences alike. Open communication, collaboration, respect and innovation mark Sage’s relationship with writers, theatre professionals, emerging artists and their audiences.

The Student’s task was to create their own adaptation of the novel in an effort to capture the same immediacy as evidenced in the Sage Theatre production. Using digital technologies in thoughtful and deliberate ways students were challenged to make the vivid scenes and provocative ideas from Golding’s novel come alive in ways that were compelling and provoked a strong audience response. Their adaptations of the novel were be presented to a live audience at the Sundance North Digital Arts Festival.

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