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Gordon Crowchild talks about competing

Gordon Crowchild talks about competingCowboy Gordon Crowchild has been in rodeo for over seventy years! He is one of the most famous Native Cowboys in history. Mr. Crowchild told us that he wanted to be a cowboy in the Calgary Stampede when he was a little boy when he heard stories from his elders about the famous Kainai cowboy Tom Three Persons. He has competed in many different kinds events, including: wild horse, saddle bronc, steer decorating, steer wrestling, chuckwagon, boys steer riding and bareback. He has competed in the Wild Horse race for 70 years and he was a steer wrestler until he was sixty years old. Mr Crowchild was the Calgary Stampede High-Point Champion in 1971 and he was the IRCA Steer Wrestling Champion in 1971.

"Children, I'm a Cowboy. One thing... when I leave this world, I'll leave it as a Cowboy."

"If you take my picture I might end up in Hollywood."

"I just want to let you know about the our part in participate in the Greatest Show on Earth - the Calgary Stampede. So if you ever compete in Calgary like a big rodeo like that, in your heart and I felt it, there's a hundred some of them people up there watching this native guy and that was me and I had to compete in what event that I took part in - that's what I always thought growing up as a little kid... I wanna be that person up there someday."

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