The grade 6 curriculum has many links to areas studies by Leonardo DaVinci throughout his lifetime. He is often referred to a "Renaissance Man" because of his varied interests and extensive knowledge. He thought that all things were connected in some way and tried to learn it all, leaving behind thousands of pages of his sketches and ideas.

As emerging teachers, our perception of learning is similar to Leonard's world view. We too see the interconnectedness of the world and want to teach in a holistic manner that will help our students understand the importance of what they are learning. By integrating the subject manner, focusing on the"big questions" and planning for project based learning we hope that students will begin to understand these connections for themselves.

Our integrated unit of study is based on the work that Leonardo left behind and provides the opportunity for students to explore the idea of what it is to be a "Renaissance Man". We have planned projects that seamlessly infuse technology with subject areas, reflecting on our desire to have students working and expressing themselves in new and exciting ways. We want to allow students to be the designers, to be doing "real" work and to be doing work that is personally important to them. Our passion is in teaching holistically by integrating disciplines for greater understanding which Leonardo DaVinci personifies.

We have included six outlines for possible focused tasks that fit with this unit and one detailed focused task. Our detailed focused task is The Vitruvian Man.


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