What did you do in school today? Teaching Effectiveness: A Framework and Rubric

What Did You Do in School Today

What did you do in school today? is a multiyear research and development initiative of the Canadian Education Association (CEA), funded through collaboration with the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) and a number of Canadian school districts. Launched in 2007, the initiative was designed to capture, assess and inspire new ideas about enhancing the learning experiences of adolescents in classrooms and schools. Research and development work is being carried out through CEA’s partnership with the Galileo Educational Network and The Learning Bar Inc.

Friesen, S. (2009).What did you do in school today? Teaching Effectiveness: A Framework and Rubric.Toronto: Canadian Education Association.

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Strong Trusting Relationship

Relational trust is a huge factor in school culture. It comes down to relationships. Relationships with staff and relationships with students. When there are strong, trusting relationships it becomes easier to keep student learning and success at the center of your practice.

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