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CE Subject: Math

Comprehension numeraties et francais

Questions de réflexion en regardant l’étude de cas: Comment l’enseignant a-t-il engagé les élèves dans l’apprentissage d’une langue et dans des objectifs d’apprentissage spécifiques au…

Accessible Learning for All

The diversity in today’s classrooms is enormous. Students represent a wide array of prior experience and knowledge, with a wide spectrum of learning needs and…

Financial Makeover

After completing this project, students understood that financial planning and success is dependent on understanding the mathematics of finance.

Counting Canadians

This is a collaborative project of Statistics Canada and Galileo created to facilitate Canadian’s understanding of the social, economic and cultural forces that shape our…

Math by Design

On the very first day of this teacher’s class, students are engaged in problem solving on whiteboards in small groups.

Top Speed

In this grade 9 math class, students were posed the following question – what is your top speed?