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Our Farming Roots in Castor

Grade Level: Primary School and Middle School
Discipline: Humanities and Science
Language: English
School Board: Clearview Public Schools
Website: Visit Our Farming Roots in Castor


Since its beginning, the town of Castor has been involved in the agriculture industry. Many changes have been made in farm production. Residents of our community have wonderful stories of their lives in rural Alberta. A lot of these stories revolve around feeding the family. Recently there has been an interest in old varieties of seed and rare or old breeds of animals. These are referred to as Heritage Seeds and Breeds. In this project students learned about life in rural Alberta by interviewing local residents and recording their stories on a website.

This Project was part of Our Roots. The Galileo Educational Network Association worked in collaboration with universities and K-12 educators and their students to create this nationwide project – Our Roots; Canada’s Local Histories Online. This project involves students creating historical online resources designed for others. Using inquiry-based learning, educators use Our Roots digital resources effectively and imaginatively to create engaging and authentic tasks for students.