Classroom Examples: Middle School: Science

Accessible Learning for All thumbnail

Accessible Learning for All

The diversity in today’s classrooms is enormous. Students represent a wide array of prior experience and knowledge, with a wide ...Continue Reading
Body Systems thumbnail

Body Systems

In this inquiry, Grade 8 French-Immersion students were charged with becoming medical experts on a particular body system.... Continue Reading
Can Bears and Humans Coexist? thumbnail

Can Bears and Humans Coexist?

Grade 6 students from the small town in Cardston in Southern Alberta, 50 km East of Waterton Lakes National Park, studied if bears and humans might coexist.... Continue Reading
Catapult Engineering thumbnail

Catapult Engineering

Task: This video, created by teacher Nicole Cey, is a clear example of making teacher and student learning visible, as well ...Continue Reading
Discipline-Based Task Design: Chemistry thumbnail

Discipline-Based Task Design: Chemistry

Task: Through careful and intentional task design, Grade 8 students were given the opportunity to engage in an authentic approach ...Continue Reading
Environmental Chemistry thumbnail

Environmental Chemistry

In order to demonstrate that science is a part of their everyday world, students were asked to consider and explore how evidence-based science processes can help deepen out understanding of complex issues.... Continue Reading
Exploring Structures – Bridge Builders thumbnail

Exploring Structures – Bridge Builders

In this Grade 7 Science unit, students were given the opportunity to explore the discipline of engineering.... Continue Reading
Know The Bow thumbnail

Know The Bow

This collaborative water study of the Bow River Watershed was conducted by students in six different schools across three school jurisdictions.... Continue Reading
Millarville Archaeology thumbnail

Millarville Archaeology

Using on-line resources from Our Roots, interviews of local residents, scouring attics and basements for hints and clues, students uncovered some good evidence that there was more to the back-lot of their school than anyone suspected.... Continue Reading
Mokakioyis-Meyopimatisiwin thumbnail


This project is an ethno-ecological inquiry that seeks to digitally preserve traditional Aboriginal knowledge in an interactive online environment. ... Continue Reading
Our Farming Roots in Castor thumbnail

Our Farming Roots in Castor

In this project students learned about life in rural Alberta by interviewing local residents and recording their stories on a website.... Continue Reading
Robotics thumbnail


Engaging students in science inquiry and engineering by enabling them to create, invent, and explore with digital technologies.... Continue Reading

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