Classroom Examples: Primary School: Math

Accessible Learning for All thumbnail

Accessible Learning for All

The diversity in today’s classrooms is enormous. Students represent a wide array of prior experience and knowledge, with a wide ...Continue Reading
Building Early Learners Understanding of Number thumbnail

Building Early Learners Understanding of Number

Building understanding of number through the introduction of the number line... Continue Reading
Canada Counts thumbnail

Canada Counts

This is a collaborative project of Statistics Canada and Galileo created to facilitate Canadian's understanding of the social, economic and cultural forces that shape our nation.... Continue Reading
Drilling for Oil thumbnail

Drilling for Oil

With this investigation you will entering the area of statistics.... Continue Reading

Open Investigation: Numbers

Just Zeros and Ones thumbnail

Just Zeros and Ones

LEVEL: This investigation can be entered into by children as young as 6 (particularly as it is structured in the ...Continue Reading
The Vitruvian Man thumbnail

The Vitruvian Man

Students created their own version of the Vitruvian Man and related Vitruvius' theories of proportions to their model.... Continue Reading

Open Investigations: Shape & Space

Area is a Square Deal thumbnail

Area is a Square Deal

If we measure the area of rectangles by dividing them into squares, then what shape should we use to measure area for triangles?... Continue Reading
Bean Pi thumbnail

Bean Pi

This investigation is best for Grades 5 and up. ... Continue Reading
Coming To Answers in Different Ways thumbnail

Coming To Answers in Different Ways

Students and teachers from 3 schools in the Foothills School Division posed problems for each other to solve.... Continue Reading
Connect the Dots thumbnail

Connect the Dots

A unicursal curve in the plane is a curve that you get when you put down your pencil, and draw until you get back to the starting point. ... Continue Reading
Geometric Models Investigation thumbnail

Geometric Models Investigation

In the following investigation you will discover the rules that describe geometric situations.... Continue Reading
Tiling thumbnail


Determining what shapes tile a plane is not a simple matter. There are some polygons that will tile a plane and other polygons that will not tile a plane.... Continue Reading

Open Investigations: Statistics & Probability

Markov Process thumbnail

Markov Process

This investigation can be entered into by children as young as 6 and is engaging for people who like to think about mathematical probability and dynamical systems.... Continue Reading
Provincial Showdown thumbnail

Provincial Showdown

Your team is charged with creating a presentation to persuade potential investors that a favourable business environment exists. What area of Canada would you represent?... Continue Reading

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