Classroom Examples: Primary School: Science

Accessible Learning for All thumbnail

Accessible Learning for All

The diversity in today’s classrooms is enormous. Students represent a wide array of prior experience and knowledge, with a wide ...Continue Reading
Boat Design: Making Learning Visible thumbnail

Boat Design: Making Learning Visible

Task: Through this inquiry, grade two students at Elizabeth Rummel School in Canadian Rockies Public Schools came to understand the ...Continue Reading
Case Study on Flight and Air & Aerodynamics thumbnail

Case Study on Flight and Air & Aerodynamics

Students became engineers who applied and tested new understandings to their designs and prototypes... Continue Reading
Community Map Makers thumbnail

Community Map Makers

Grade 1 students were tasked with creating a community map identifying and describing important features or landmarks.... Continue Reading
Decomposition Lab thumbnail

Decomposition Lab

After watching a video of a bowl of fruit decomposing, grade 4 students were challenged to design an authentic science experiment that would identify variables that have the greatest impact on the rate of decomposition.... Continue Reading
Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture thumbnail

Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture

This site weaves these strong threads of connection. A web of children, elders, plants, landscape and the stories that bind them together. These stories provide a path for our children to the future. ... Continue Reading
Exploring Nature in the Early Learning Classroom thumbnail

Exploring Nature in the Early Learning Classroom

This early learning teacher infused the natural world into her classroom through a series of engaging explorations.... Continue Reading
Fish Story thumbnail

Fish Story

The Kindergarten and Grade 1 scientists in Mrs. Boxma's class are investigating fish. They have generated many questions and are busy searching for answers.... Continue Reading
High Quality Work: Writing and Drawing in Science with Early Learners thumbnail

High Quality Work: Writing and Drawing in Science with Early Learners

In this collaboratively designed task, grade 2 students became experts on the little Brown Bat...... Continue Reading
Robotics thumbnail


Engaging students in science inquiry and engineering by enabling them to create, invent, and explore with digital technologies.... Continue Reading
Sled Engineering thumbnail

Sled Engineering

Task: The processes and ways of knowing inherent in the engineering field, helped to guide these teachers as they designed this ...Continue Reading
Wetlands Study thumbnail

Wetlands Study

Every year, Kathy took her Southern Alberta Grade 4 class to the local pond to observe, test and sample the water. Class data was meticulously recorded and saved.... Continue Reading

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