Ekaterinburg: Interview the farmers and veterinarians


The red towns are one where veterinarians reported Anthrax deaths in sheep and cows. No deaths of livestock were reported in the other 16 towns on the map.

The earliest deaths that you could confirm through interviewing farmers were a pair of sheep on April 5th. Your interviews with farmers and vetinarians revealed that on April 10th, 298 sheep were given anti-anthrax serum in Abramovo after 7 sheep and a cow had died there. You interviewed farmers and vetinarians in other towns and confirmed livestock deaths in the six towns shown.

Documents indicate that a large forced slaughter of sheep had occured on March 28 in Rudniy. Certainly a large number of sheep were killed in the farms around this village, but there is disagreement among farmers about when this happened. A couple agree that it happened on March 28, but most insist it was more than a week later.

There were no human deaths in any of these villages.

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