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Working in partnership with Alberta Education, Galileo Educational Network has developed comprehensive resources for parents and professionals in play-based early childhood education, focusing on children between the ages of three and eight. On the professional side, a series of workshops facilitated by Galileo mentors are taking place throughout Alberta on an ongoing basis. The workshops are catered to early childhood educators, and were based on research that underpins play-based learning environments. Educators worked in collaborative groups, and evidence of what they took away from the sessions is illustrated through a variety of videos in this site. Additionally, research articles can be accessed from leading bodies such as the Council for Early Childhood Development, Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, the Alliance for Childhood, and the National Institute for Play.

Parents can use the site to discover what kind of learning results from effective play-based environments, what it looks like, and how to enhance their child’s education through play.

We encourage you to share the work on this site. However you must attribute what you use to Galileo Educational Network and/or the original creators or authors. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. For more information, click on the Creative Commons symbol found at the bottom of each page within this site.

About Galileo Educational Network

galileo-logoGalileo Educational Network is a non-profit organization based in the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary. Through research and the creation of knowledge-building learning environments, Galileo educators have influenced curriculum and classroom delivery both internationally and across Canada. Teaching for deeper understanding in all classroom subjects is a primary goal. This is accomplished by supporting new and experienced teachers through individualized professional development. The result is an educational environment where digital technologies are used in inquiry-based projects, allowing for students to learn in creative and thoughtful ways.

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