Glendale Elementary School Study

Glendale School Study Report prepared by Dr. Garry McKinnon, July 11, 2005 3
In April 2005, as the completion of the sixth year of the partnership between Glendale
School and GENA was approaching, arrangements were made by GENA to have the
author of this report undertake a review of the Glendale School inquiry-based learning
initiative. Through the years Glendale School had been involved in a rural number of
studies and had received a great deal of attention and recognition through special media features and awards. Lori presented the GENA proposal to the staff. In response to the invitation from GENA to become involved in telling the story of the Glendale School experience with inquiry-based learning and the partnership with GENA, the staff expressed an interest in becoming involved in what was described as presenting a snapshot or condensed version of the Glendale School experience with a focus on the perspective of the student, the teacher and the parent.

It was agreed that the author would interview each teaching staff member and as many parents as possible. Students from grades one to six would also be interviewed in their classrooms and they would also be invited to share some personal written observations.

Research was conducted by Dr. Garry McKinnon.

McKinnon, G., (2005). Glendale Elementary School Study Report, July 2005.

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