Hands On vs. Hand Up: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Building in High School

In a landscape in which learners can be creators of ideas, it is vital for high schools to become technology-enabled learning environments that are sharply focused on knowledge building, idea improvement, and collaboratively creating community knowledge. Most students use personal connectivity for socializing and play, not for knowledge building, exploring problems, or building on each other’s ideas. They need engaged teachers more than ever to make the leap from digital technology as play to digital technology as a tool for knowledge creation. If we really want our children to face the challenges of the future with confidence and skill, we must teach them not only that they can acquire current knowledge, but also that they can help shape what their society comes to accept as knowledge. Participatory digital technologies and new social media landscapes, combined with engaged teaching and designs for learning, offer new opportunities for knowledge building and interconnected relationships.

Friesen, S., & Jacobsen, D.M., (2011). Web Exclusive – Hands On vs. Hand Up: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Building in High School. Education Canada. Spring 2011. Vol 51. Iss. 2.

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