Professional Learning to Support Implementation of the Learning and Technology Policy Framework


The Alberta Learning and Technology Policy Framework (LTPF) is designed to serve as a policy development guide that will enable K-12 school authorities to achieve the vision of Inspiring Education through the innovative and effective use of technology. The LTPF strongly supports student-centered, personalized, authentic learning using technology as an enabler to realize this vision.  The LTPF is available for viewing and download on the Alberta Education website.

Galileo provided implementation support to school and jurisdiction leaders through the development of an LTPF Toolkit and a provincial professional learning series.

The LTPF Toolkit contains twenty distinct components flexibly designed to enable implementers to strategically select and apply particular elements to suit local implementation needs.

The Toolkit components are grouped as follows:

  •  School Authority/School Readiness Assessment
  • Policy Direction Matrices
  • Sample Planning Agendas
  • Scenarios and Exemplars
  • Case Comparisons
  • Implementation Planning Guides
  • School Authority Actions Summary

Please see below for LTPF Toolkit download links.

The LTPF Professional Learning Series brought together teams of school and jurisdiction leaders to collaboratively build understanding of the LTPF and to apply the LTPF Toolkit to support and guide implementation within their respective jurisdictions and schools. These sessions provided participants with a current research basis and a wide variety of collaborative learning opportunities to determine evidence of policy implementation, recognize emerging issues and design processes to build 
capacity for leading change.  Participants worked with actual field examples, case studies and scenarios to foster understanding of the LTPF, determine current practices and readiness, and to construct local implementation plans.  Overall, 586 participants registered for the series representing 53 Alberta school jurisdictions, 7 Charter School Authorities, and faculty representation from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.

Galileo Network staff are available to provide additional supports on request from jurisdictions or schools on a fee-for-service basis, contact us for more information.

LTPF Tool Kit

Click here to download the LTPF Toolkit (pdf).
Click here to download the LTPF Toolkit (word doc).

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