Professional Learning with Canadian Rockies Public Schools

Galileo Educational Network is pleased to be collaborating with Canadian Rockies staff over 2013-2016 on building leadership capacity across the district through a variety of professional learning supports.

Canadian Rockies Public Schools Director of Learning and Innovation, Darren Dick, created this video  Nurturing Excellence in Instruction and Leadership as part of their three-year Nurturing Instructional Excellence Through Leadership Capacity initiative.  This video  provides a glimpse into some of the collaborative work currently underway as teacher and student learning is being made more visible.  (Note that while teachers are presenting their work, colleagues and Galileo mentors are posting their feedback in google docs, modeling some effective peer feedback processes.)

Thanks to collaborators Alberta Education, Werklund School of Education, CRPS Lead Learners, Distributed Leadership and Education Leadership Teams, and

As part of this work and engaging their larger community, CRPS invited Sharon Friesen to speak to parents and community members in Canmore February 2014 regarding the genesis and underpinnings of Alberta’s Inspiring Education initiative. Click here to learn more.

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Strong Trusting Relationship

Relational trust is a huge factor in school culture. It comes down to relationships. Relationships with staff and relationships with students. When there are strong, trusting relationships it becomes easier to keep student learning and success at the center of your practice.

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