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Highly Adaptive Learning Systems: Research in Seven Redesigned High Schools in Alberta
by: Sharon Friesen, Michele Jacobsen, Barb Brown, & Gabriela Alonso Yanez - Moving Forward with High School Redesign in Alberta provides a strategic framework for a theory of action for change.... Continue Reading
Focus on Inquiry Report
Friesen, S., Jacobsen, M., Brown, B., Saar, C. & Hampshire, A. (2015).  Focus on inquiry.  A research study completed for ...Continue Reading
What Did You Do In School Today?
What did you do in school today? (WDYDIST) is a collaborative research and development initiative of the Canadian Education Association (CEA) ...Continue Reading
Teaching and Learning in a One-to-One Mobile Computing Environment
The learning needs of students are being strongly influenced by three major trends in contemporary society: the increasing integration of ...Continue Reading
Learning Mathematics Through Math Fair
This study explores student participation in Math fair to gain insight into their experiences.  The study’s objective is to seek ...Continue Reading
Investigating the Impact of Videoconferencing on Teacher and Student Learning in Five K-12 School Jurisdictions in Alberta
In the fall of 2005, Alberta Education put out a call for proposals for an extension to the second phase ...Continue Reading
Inside an Accessible Classroom
This appreciative inquiry study was conducted with the teacher participants.  The insights of the researcher helped shape the teachers’ understanding, ...Continue Reading
Teaching and Learning for a Knowledge Era
Teaching and Learning for a Knowledge Era is about transforming how teachers are prepared in the Master of Teaching Program in ...Continue Reading
Glendale Elementary School Study
Glendale School Study Report prepared by Dr. Garry McKinnon, July 11, 2005 3 In April 2005, as the completion of ...Continue Reading
Coming to Teaching in the 21st Century
Two factors form the research context for this study —practicum opportunities to integrate ICT effectively, and pedagogical integration of ICT ...Continue Reading
A Study of the Galileo Eductional Network/Andrew Sibbald School Initiative to Promote Inquiry-based Learning
In the fall of 2001 the members of the Andrew Sibbald school community entered into a partnership with the Galileo ...Continue Reading
Developing and Realizing Community Within Intelligence Online (IO)
This case study is designed to examine how the concept of community is developed, realized and sustained within a virtual ...Continue Reading
Building Different Bridges: A Case Study of Transformative Professional Development for Student Learning with Technology
A theoretical framework for this research is provided by Everett Rogers (1995) diffusion of innovations theory. Innovation is defined as ...Continue Reading
A Professional Development Initiative Designed to Facilitate the Creation of an Inquiry-based Humanities Project that Integrates Technology
This case study is designed to examine the impact of the Galileo Educational Network approach to on-site professional development designed ...Continue Reading
Evaluation of Learning Technology Initiatives in Continuing Professional Development
The Office of Learning Technologies (OLT), Human Resources Development Canada awarded funding to the Institute for Professional Development, University of Alberta for a ...Continue Reading

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Relational trust is a huge factor in school culture. It comes down to relationships. Relationships with staff and relationships with students. When there are strong, trusting relationships it becomes easier to keep student learning and success at the center of your practice.

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