Rural Roots – Farming in the Palliser Triangle

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In the mid 1800s Captain John Palliser launched an expedition to study this area and its potential as an area for agriculture. Well, his reports were not exactly encouraging. He thought that the land was, “ill suited for civilization, a region of short grasses and shrubs and desert-like conditions, where cacti grew along the coulee ridge.”

Bonjour Nos Amis

Nous sommes Albertains, et nous habitons à Rockyford, environs une heure nord-est de Calgary. Rockyford est petite, avec 350 habitants. Á Rockford il ya seulement un magasin, trois restaurants, deux eglises, une banque et un école.

Dans notre école, il y a 109 éléves, de cinq à quinze ans. Nous sommes les années neufs. Il n’y a qu’onze éléves dans notre classe. Cinq éléves habitent à la ferme, et six éléves habitent en ville. Nous nous appellons Troy. Diana, Julianne, Kenzie, Erin, Danny, Danielle, Chris, Megan, Shailen, et Christine. En Alberta, il y a une sécheresse depuis l’année 2000. L’année passé était terrible parce qu’il ne pleut pas, il ne neige pas. Nous allons poser des questions aux fermiers et nous allons photographer les fermes.

We are Albertans and we live in Rockyford, about one hour north east of Calgary. Rockyford is small, with a population of 350. In Rockyford there is only one store. There are three restaurants, two churches, one bank and one school.

In our school there are 109 students between five and fifteen years of age. We are the grade nines. There are only eleven students in our class, five students live on farms, and six live in town. Our names are Troy. Diana, Julianne, Kenzie, Erin, Danny, Danielle, Chris, Megan, Shailen, and Christine. In Alberta, there has been a serious drought since the year 2000. Last year was terrible because it was so dry; there was no rain or snow. We are investigating our rural roots and we will be interviewing our farmers and taking pictures of our farms.

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