ICT Curriculum Concepts for this Inquiry:

access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies. They must understand and be able to:
plan and perform complex searches, using more than one electronic source
select information from appropriate sources, including primary and secondary sources
communicate in a persuasive and engaging manner, through appropriate forms, such as speeches, letters, reports and multimedia presentations, applying information technologies for context, audience and purpose that extend and communicate understanding of complex issues.


seek alternative viewpoints, using information technologies.
consult a wide variety of sources that reflect varied viewpoints on particular topics
evaluate the validity of gathered viewpoints against other sources

critically assess information accessed through the use of a variety of technologies
assess the authority, reliability and validity of electronically accessed information
demonstrate discriminatory selection of electronically accessed information that is relevant to the focus of their inquiry

use organizational processes and tools to manage inquiry
organize information, using such tools as a database, spreadsheet or electronic webbing.
demonstrate the advanced search skills necessary to limit the number of hits desired for online.


use technology to investigate and/or solve problems. They must understand and be able to:
investigate and solve problems of organization and manipulation of information


use electronic research techniques to construct personal knowledge and meaning. They must understand and be able to:
use appropriate strategies to locate information to meet personal needs
analyze and synthesize information to determine patterns and links among ideas
use appropriate presentation software to demonstrate personal understandings


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