Designing for Interdisciplinary Studies

Creosote Investigation

In this interdisciplinary study grade 9 students investigated an authentic problem related to an environmental contaminant. Examine the following video exemplar to see how two teachers collaboratively designed this study in an effort to engage their students in an authentic scientific inquiry.

After viewing this video reflect on the following questions:

  1. Which disciplines did the teachers draw upon in designing this study and how did each contribute to students’ understanding of the environmental issue being investigated?
  2. What did teachers do to create the conditions for students to experience authentic intellectually engaging work?
  3. In what ways did teachers collaborate with each other, the scientific community, and others in designing and enacting this investigation? What impact do you think this collaboration had on the learning of these students?
  4. What insights have you gained about designing and enacting worthwhile work for students from this video exemplar?
  5. In moving your own practice forward, how might you incorporate these insights into your own learning designs?