Thank You to Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher (founder of Dome Petroleum) provided visionary leadership in the development and implementation of the Galileo Centre and now the extension of that pilot initiative into the Galileo Educational Network.

From the beginning Jack insisted that the Galileo team travel to personally visit centres of educational excellence across the continent. In particular he insisted the team visit Brown University, Rhode Island – Ted Sizer, Deborah Meierr and the Annenberg Foundation. In November 1997 a team did make that visit. The team that went was Ian Winchester (then Dean of Education, University of Calgary), Michele Jacobsen (the first Gallagher/Galileo doctoral fellow – now on Faculty at U of C), Patricia Clifford (co-founder of Galileo Network) and Brant Parker (former principal of Banded Peak School).

The results of that visit have helped the expansion of the Galileo Centre pilot into this new provincial network. And is bringing the initiative closer to the vision that Jack Gallagher had for educational reform in Canada to parallel that of the Annenberg Foundation.

Jack Gallagher’s commitment and dedication to the Galileo ideals were an inspiration to all of us. His commitment to hard work continued even as his health was fading. He often called members of the Galileo team early Saturday mornings to ask about their progress and to share his ideas. Once he even placed a phone call while he was waiting for an ambulance to pick him up to take him to hospital. Although he was in great pain, he still wanted to ensure that we were all working to his high expectations.

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