Uncover the mystery behind the wild horses of Southern Alberta, Canada

Knowledge Holders

Stoney Nakoda First Nation is a Nation of approximately 5,000 people. Follow the links and find out what these elders and cultural advisors have to say; for the children, for the future…

Thank you to Peter Snow, Sykes Powderface, Gloria Snow and Chris Goodstoney for coordinating community members to participate in this wild horse study. If you wish to contact an elder, please contact the Stoney Tribal Administration at www.stoney-nakoda.com or Phone: 403-881-4276.

Many Stoney Nakoda ‘Holders of Traditional Knowledge’ and knowledge of horses have blessed this web resource with providing some of their wisdom through stories. This is only a beginning of sharing some of their knowledge and wisdom for educational purposes, for they know much much more… As one elder said, Traditional Knowledge does not just exist in the past. It also has an important role in the future.