Uncover the mystery behind the wild horses of Southern Alberta, Canada

What Matters

Horses in general – and wild horses in particular – play an important role in Alberta’s history and identity.

Visit any town or city in the province, says Bob Henderson, co-founder of WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta Society), and you’ll see some kind of homage to the horse.

“From the Calgary Stampede to any museum in any town in Alberta, you’ll see we have living symbols of our whole western heritage roaming free, being who they are. They symbolize and define freedom.”

Dr. Claudia Notzke, a geographer and professor at the University of Lethbridge, has spent years studying wild horses in their native habitats. She agrees Canadians should acknowledge not only their unique role in history, but wild horses as a biological being in their own right, not just as a servant of man.