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A special thanks to:

The Kainai Ancestors and the Generous Land

The Elders

  • Adam Delaney
  • Agnes First Charger
  • Alfreda Delaney
  • Carolla Calf Robe
  • Harrison Wolf Child
  • Charlene Mountain Horse
  • Narcisse Blood
  • Mary Rose Gros Ventre Boy
  • Margaret Gros Ventre Boy
  • Pete Standing Alone
  • Sandra Singer
  • Shirley Mountain Horse

The Children

  • Bryce Manyfingers
  • Bryton Chief Moon
  • Laney Oka
  • Japheth Black Plume
  • Kendra Day Rider
  • Marvin Calf Robe Jr.
  • Noah Fox
  • Sommer Chief Moon
  • Shelby Wells
  • Sylvia Gros Ventre Boy – Classroom Assistant
  • Alvine Mountain Horse – Classroom Teacher

Special Helpers

  • Dr. Gerald T.Conaty, Senior Curator of Ethnology. Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
  • Dr. John Bain, Lethbridge Herbarium. University of Lethbidge, Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Dr. Betty Bastien, Professor in the Access Division at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. Calgary, Alberta
  • Nicole Giguère, Certified Translator/Traductrice agréée. Advisory Translation Services Inc.
  • Alvine Mountain Horse, Blackfoot Translator. Kainai Board of Education

Kainai Drummers from Tatsikiisaapo’p Middle School and Kainai High School

  • Albert Wolf Child Jr.
  • Cameron Chief Calf
  • Darcy Eagle Speaker
  • Everett Wolf Child
  • Gordon Morning Bird
  • Keegan Rain
  • Roy Chief Moon
  • Roy Tallow
  • Mike Bruised Head
  • Seymour Eagle Speaker