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Digital Images

Grade 2 Postcards

Students in Samantha Vokeroth’s Grade 2 class were challenged to create postcards from their own communities. Students first looked at exemplars of postcards that captured the excitement of traveling, then collaboratively established criteria to describe strong images and compelling writing on postcards. Using Photoshop software, students placed themselves into a photo of a significant building or location in the community and then wrote their postcards from the perspective of this place. The teacher made the student postcards into a hardcover book that the students circulated for reading in the classroom.

Kindergarten Alphabet Book

In this kindergarten task, students were invited to become experts on the alphabet by collaboratively creating a digital storybook.  Students were eager to produce high quality work, as the purpose behind it was to help teach next year’s classes about their ABC’s.  This task highlights how effective use of ongoing formative assessment is essential to deepen student understanding. Making learning visible through teacher and student documentation is yet another key feature of this exemplar.