Comprehensive resources for parents and professionals in play-based early childhood education

Technology Resources

Here you’ll find websites and articles on technology and learning. Additional resources can be found in the Research section.


  • Media Smarts

    MediaSmarts is a Canadian organization dedicated to digital literacy.  Today, children and youth must have the critical thinking skills to engage with media and technology in an active and informed way. Tutorials, blog posts and other digital and media literacy programs and resources can be found.

  • Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology

    A peer-reviewed publication containing papers on all aspects of technology and learning – from instructional design, to online learning and computer applications in education.


Learning Resources

The following links are from 21st Century Schools, a group based in Austin, TX focused on professional staff development and curriculum design.

  • ePals

    ePals is a site where teachers and students can join or start a collaborative project with anyone in the world.  Classrooms can connect, exchange ideas and learn together.

  • The JASON Project

    The JASON Project was founded by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, the oceanographer and explorer who discovered the Titanic shipwreck. Within months, he received thousands of letters from students asking to join his next expedition. Since 1989, the JASON Project has connected more than 10 million students and teachers with real scientific exploration and discovery.

  • The Edible Schoolyard Project

    The Edible Schoolyard Project is a US-based resource for teachers who want to introduce healthy eating habits in their classroom and community. Ideas for hands-on activities, and ways to support local farms through lunch programs.