A Design-Based Approach To Teachers’ Professional Learning

Through a design-based, iterative learning process, classroom teachers gain practical knowledge of “know-how” and “know-why”

As the issues and problems that challenge education and the teaching profession become increasingly complex, our collective need for innovative solutions and new knowledge for learning in diverse educational contexts increases. Yet school leaders and classroom teachers often fail to see a connection between educational theory and research conducted in universities and the real-world, complex and contextually rich teaching, learning and leading contexts in schools. Design-based research (DBR) is one response to the gap between theory and practice in education, to the resounding call for change and innovation in education systems, and to the need for teachers to continually develop the principled practical knowledge required to design authentic, challenging and engaging learning experiences for students…Read Full Article

Friesen, S. & Jacobsen, M. (2015). A design-based approach to teachers’ professional learning: Through a design-based, iterative learning process, classroom teachers gain practical knowledge of “know-how” and “know-why.” Canadian Education Association. Retrieved from http://www.cea-ace.ca/blog/sharon-friesen-and-michele-jacobsen/2015/03/5/design-based-approach-teachers%E2%80%99-professional-lear

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Strong Trusting Relationship

Relational trust is a huge factor in school culture. It comes down to relationships. Relationships with staff and relationships with students. When there are strong, trusting relationships it becomes easier to keep student learning and success at the center of your practice.

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