Body Systems

Grade Level: Junior High School (Grade 8)

Task: In this inquiry, Grade 8 French-Immersion students were charged with becoming medical experts on a particular body system. Discipline-based inquiry demands that teachers invite students to become intellectually engaged in tasks that mirror the field beyond the school. From the research gathered, students worked collaboratively with their peers and outside experts in order to develop a patient profile of a person suffering from an ailment related to their body system.  Based on their understanding of the system and the complex issues of their patient, students determined whether or not an organ transplant would be a viable option.  The intentional use of ongoing formative assessment throughout the process, created opportunities for all students to be successful.

Discipline Area(s): Science

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Meaningful Work

Thank you for a great day [in our school]. It was wonderful to be focused on meaningful work that we can utilize immediately in our classrooms.

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