An Inquiry into Trigonometric Functions Using Real-World Models

Grade Level: High School

Task: This mathematics 30-1 teacher designed a study in mathematics in which students inquired into the features of trigonometric functions by working through a series of labs. Kathy designed ten labs that highlighted the key concepts of trigonometry within different applied contexts. As you watch the video, pay attention to the ways Kathy’s knowledge of the subject matter interact with her pedagogy and knowledge of the students as learners of mathematics. Kathy skillfully interacts with groups of students to pose questions, push their thinking and enable them to identify their next steps.

Discipline Area(s): Mathematics

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This has been such an amazing PD for me as a teacher. I thank you for your encouragement. Your expertise and for your passion to enable us to be more powerful dynamic educators.  I can’t wait to carry on this journey. ~Judy

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