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Millarville Archaeology

Grade Level: Primary School
Discipline: Science
Language: English
School Board: Foothills School Division
Website: Visit Millarville Archaeology


Why did our teacher keep finding rusty nails and shards of pottery every spring as she dug her vegetable garden? When she showed us what she found we became curious. How did they get there? Who left them there and why? We decided to look more closely at the artifacts from the garden and from home as a part of our study of Alberta’s history and natural resources.

This Project was part of Our Roots. The Galileo Educational Network Association worked in collaboration with universities and K-12 educators and their students to create this nationwide project – Our Roots; Canada’s Local Histories Online. This project involves students creating historical online resources designed for others. Using inquiry-based learning, educators use Our Roots digital resources effectively and imaginatively to create engaging and authentic tasks for students.