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New Teachers Implementing Professional Practice Standards: Research Brief

Date: October 2019
Author(s): Barbara Brown, Verena Roberts & Jaime Beck with Ann Ard, Dallas Wheeler, Amy Burns, Brenda Gladstone and Candace Saar
Published in: Alberta Education


The aim of this study was to document the impact of a professional learning intervention designed particularly for new teachers as they engage in career-long learning and meet expectations according to the Teaching Quality Standard (Alberta Education, 2018). Partners from a school authority joined faculty from the Werklund School of Education and professional learning facilitators from the Galileo Educational Network to engage in a research-practice partnership. A design-based research approach using quantitative (pre- and post-surveys) and qualitative data (artifacts of learning, field notes, classroom observations) were analyzed over one year. There were over 450 participants involved in the professional learning series. Findings from this research partnership study indicated new teachers were supported through the design-based professional learning sessions and this intervention had a positive impact on teacher learning and practice in relationship to the Teaching Quality Standard (Alberta Education, 2018). All teachers need the opportunity to establish professional learning networks inside and outside of their schools in order to connect with others and build a supportive professional learning network.

Brown, B., Roberts, V., & Beck, J. (2019). New teachers implementing professional practice standards: Research Brief.