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Studying Pedagogical Leadership in School System Change: Lessons From Complex Systems Thinking

Date: April 15, 2018
Author(s): Gabriela Alonso-Yanez, Armando Paulino Preciado Babb, Barb Brown, Sharon Friesen
Presented at: AERA Annual Meeting, New York City, NY


Using a complexity-thinking framework, the purpose of this study was to understand how leadership practices contribute to shaping change in school systems. The study was conducted in a public school board that has a high population of identified Indigenous students, and students from low income households. We used a longitudinal design that included qualitative and quantitative methods for collecting and analyzing data drawn from questionnaires, interviews, provincial performance reports and other documents. We found that a focus on students and on effective teaching repertoires facilitated the adoption of pedagogical leadership practices that shaped the work and experiences of teachers, students, and parents. We also identified the scalability of these leadership practices and their effect on the broader school system level.

Alonso-Yanez, G., Preciado, P., Brown, B., Friesen, S. (2018). Studying Pedagogical Leadership in School System Change: Lessons From Complex Systems Thinking. Paper presented at AERA Annual Meeting, New York City, NY.