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CE Language: English

Math by Design

On the very first day of this teacher’s class, students are engaged in problem solving on whiteboards in small groups.

Sled Engineering

Through problem identification, research, blueprint creation, building, testing, troubleshooting, and tweaking students were tasked with building their own sleds that would travel effectively down a…

Catapult Engineering

In this task, students were challenged with designing and building a catapult that could launch a ball a minimum of 5 meters. From the onset,…

Writing Engaging Stories

In this grade 6 discipline-based inquiry, students were tasked with taking under-circulated books from the school’s library and completely revamping them in order to encourage…

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Breaking down the barriers of the classroom and inviting outside experts in allowed this group of grade 9 students to develop a deeper understanding of…

Top Speed

In this grade 9 math class, students were posed the following question – what is your top speed?

The Arrival

Using pages from Shaun Tan’s “The Arrival” grade 9 students collaboratively created compelling narratives to accompany the spectacular images in the book.